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Spiritual Kingdom

Spiritual Kingdom!

The “kingdom of God”
Is in me…my hollowed
Soul, He filled.
My heart resounds
Because He’s mine,
Christ died that I might live.

O precious Lord,
You wore the crown
Of woody plants for me;
You gave…Your life
To save the lost
On a hill called Calvary.

The curse of sin
Had no avail…
You took away hells key.
Three days, and then
You rose again;
You conquered death, I’m free!

O precious Lord,
You brought me through…
The evil days are gone.
You took me off
A trodden road,
To lead me to Your throne.

When I receive the crowns
‘I earn,’
I’ll lay them at Your feet,
And bow my head
In sorrowful praise
Because You rescued me.

Luke 17: 21
Revelation 4: 10
Mark 4: 11