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The ‘Only’ Good Shepherd

The 'Only' Good Shepherd!

A shepherd looks after his sheep
For that’s his livelihood
He takes them out to graze
In the fields, and he fattens
Them up real good,
There’s no love lost when
A sheep is sheared, or sold
Or used as barter.

A shepherd’s job is to tend
The flock, and then lead them
Off to slaughter.
‘Aren’t they cute?’
A little child might say,
Yes! ‘We’ll have lamb chops later today.’
A sheep is distracted by the least little
Thing like flying leaves or jelly beans…
They’ll blindly follow ‘the’ shepherd’s voice
Off to slaughter no clue…no choice.

The Good Shepherd left heaven,
And became ‘as a Lamb,’
And He lived with us for a time.
He offered himself to be the Blood
Sacrifice the Redeemer of all mankind.
O wayward sheep the Good Shepherd
Was here, and He gave us a way
To escape-
He became the barter when He
Died on the Cross
The Good Shepherd
Has taken our place ~

Psalms 44: 11
“Thou hast given us like sheep appointed for meat; and hast scattered us
among the heathen.”
Pray for Israel!