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Rhyming Bible Truths Ministries are committed to spreading Gods Word, through poetry, praise, pray and plays. We strive to help build and in some cases rebuild self-esteem and good moral values by commemorating God’s love through example. We aspire to express God’s assurance of eternal life through Biblical knowledge with the help of the Holy Spirit. We recognize that we’re living in perilous times when our young people are planning their own funerals instead of their futures. “For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.” (Hebrews 3:4) The long term goal of the Nehemiah project 001 is to train (and in the future, house) those in transition for up to one year while preparing them for a better life and livelihood. Very often, generational impoverishment is accepted by those who watch from a distance. Struggling families (including individuals coming out of prison or off the street) will benefit from the program. Uprooted families are very often rejected by friends, loved ones and society. Our goal is to provide a training center and housing (with the help of donations); a safe place to learn basic relationship skills, work ethics, moral values and self-esteem. Many years ago under the guidance of Nehemiah and his helpers, the damaged walls and gates that had once protected the city of Jerusalem from adversaries, were restored. Sometimes a lack of knowledge is the foe that allows poverty to flourish. Redirection of priorities and education, builds good character. This ministry is devoted to showing God’s love through service to others.

Statement of Faith




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Words Spoken by God in Color: Kindle Version

Words Spoken by God in Color

The Torah-The Pentateuch

Part one of four 


In the New Testament the Words spoken by Christ Jesus (Yeshua), in many Bible versions are red lettered.  Now! We have the Words spoken by God in the Old Testament, printed in COLOR. All of the words spoken out of the mouth of God are typed in color.

(The red letter Bible was first printed in 1900 copyrights (c) 1899.)

This kindle Version of the Old Testament KJB is color lettered.

When God “speaks,” the words reveal His glory. His voice brightens the pages of the Tanakh/Old Testament; when He (YHWH)  ‘speaks,’ He is identified as: “God,” the “LORD,” the “LORD God,” “the angel of the LORD,” “Lord GOD,” and “the angel of God.”   HE is: the “I AM!”

The Torah (the five books of the law) was originally written in one volume; it is both historical and legislative. It covers the history of the formation of a great nation (Israel). The names of the “five” books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, were adopted from the Hebrew to Greek translated Bible called: the “Pentateuch.” The titles of these books are from the first verse of each book. -Continue reading »

The Touchable Christ






The Touchable Christ

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Betty J Banks President/Secretary/Director


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Questions & Answers: The Book of Nehemiah

The Nehemiah Project 001

Its purpose is based on the book of Nehemiah.

The Book of Nehemiah: based on scripture only


1: Who was Nehemiah (the son of Hachaliah)? -Continue reading »

Who Did Noah Curse?

Who Did Noah Curse? What have you been taught!-Continue reading »

Boaz and Ruth: the Story of Love and Redemption


Israel was still young,

She had never had a king.-Continue reading »

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