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The Day After!

 The Day After!

Million of people disappeared…

 This is the scientific elucidation.
“Spontaneous Human Combustion,”
Throughout the world…what a joke!
Their professional explanation…
Now! Who will believe that people
Explode, leaving cell phones,
And their clothes? This time the victims
Didn’t even leave bones

 Planes fell from the sky.
Cars crashed into homes.
Is the answer hidden
In the DaVinci Code!
A cable news channel
Has just been told, that
“Prominent Church leaders”
Have been reached by phone

So! Let’s end the rumor,
That “Christ called for His Church”
Too many “good people,”
Are still here…on earth!

 The experts determined, and
The findings are…here,
"Spontaneous Combustion!

 A woman just called the Larry King Show
“My husband IS MISSING!
I’m here all alone.
He left his wheelchair,
His Bible and his clothes”
She was crying because~
She didn’t…get to go.

 On another news station,
O’Reilly declares:
“Aliens have taken these

 FACT IS: ‘true believers,' Will be…called away,
In a twinkle of an eye,
For our wedding day~

“The Day of the LORD”
Shall come!

 1 Peter 5: 4
Luke 21: 36
2 Peter 2
Romans 2: 3
Revelation 3: 21
Amos 5: 18, 20