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Jonah From Galilee

 Jonah From Galilee!

So Jonah~
You cared more about a plant
That sprouted overnight, than
You did for a race of people
Called the Nineveh’s,
This Gentile horde was extremely
Cruel and Jonah hated them much,
And when…God said;
‘Go preach to them’
Jonah fled to Tarshish in a rush.
For ‘the Lord is gracious and
Merciful’ and what if they
Those no good, good for nothing
Assyrian’s, they deserve annihilation
And discontent!
Jonah disobeyed the Lord, and he
Tried to hide in a ship, and along came
A mighty rushing wind…and the boat
Began to tip, Jonah knew that the Lord
Was there to get him; he’d rather drown
In the sea than stay, and when the mariners
Obliged, and threw him in the water
God sent a fish…to swallow the
Even the ‘great fish’ complied with God’s
Rule Jonah’s life, this mammal did save.
You would think that when the Lord
Freed him from the deep, he would have
Gone to Nineveh that very day!
But! The Lord had to tell him again to go,
And this time he went straight away.
Old Jonah wasn’t happy with the message
He had to give you see, they all got saved.


Matthew 12: 40
Jesus said: “For as Jonas was three days and
three nights In the whale’s belly; so shall the
Son of man be three days and Three nights
in the heart of the earth.”